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»My healthcare personal reminder«

Project partners: MKS d.o.o. Ljubljana, SIIX d.o.o. Ljubljana

Forgetting things is one of the burdens that elderly people must live with. But it could be a larger obstacle in their independency when living alone in their home environment. A reminder, which would alert them regularly when to take the medicine, go to the doctor’s or a physiotherapist or to perform a telemetric measurement at home, would be highly valuable.
»My reminder« is a service that we developed to fulfil the above expectations. Its user may receive a reminding message in three ways: as a voice message on an ordinary or mobile phone and a written message as an SMS on a mobile phone or email in a mail box. Messaging system is customised for single or repetitive events. For the later different regimens are prepared, e.g. to take medicines within a limited time period or with no time limitation (pills for blood pressure reduction, for example). “My reminder” will send one or more daily messages at selected hours or regular time intervals. The service is Internet based. A potential user, his/her carer or even a nurse can input data over the Internet and start the service.
»My reminder« was developed for users with special needs but is now available to anybody who might benefit from it. We are confident that it will be appreciated not only by its users but also by their carers (daughters, sons, neighbours etc.) who will be released from the daily care for their bellowed. The service is now available for testing also within the “IRIS smart home”.


»My healthcare personal reminder« user receiving a reminder voice message on an ordinary phone.