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»Red button" telecare service

Project partners: MKS d.o.o. Ljubljana, Centre for community home care, Ljubljana, SIIX d.o.o. Ljubljana

“Red button” is an ICT based service aiming at:

  • Enabling elderly, disabled and chronically ill people to live independently and safely at home and maintain their social and support networks;
  • Provide a means of obtaining help when needed; and reassurance to the user, their relatives and carers.
  • It is based on a carephone installed at a user’s home. He/she may wear or carry a radio trigger device that, when pressed, activates the device. A staffed monitoring and response centre is contacted. The person in need is then able to tell the operator of the nature of his/her problem and the operator is then able to give advice or reassurance and, depending on the circumstances, contact relatives, neighbours or the relevant emergency services.
    The carephone may also be activated automatically by other triggers like a smoke, flood, heat or cold detector or even a fall detector. A part of the system is also an electronic medication reminder that alerts a person when to take medications. It triggers a call to the response centre if pills are not taken on time.
    The service has been available for years at a staring price of 25 €/months in some regions of Slovenia. So far more than 800 users have been enjoying the benefits of this service. It is now available for testing within the “IRIS smart home”.

    red button user

    »Telecare service user presenting her »red button« by which she
    may summon help at any time.