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Biomedical research in obstetrics.

MKS Electronic Systems organized 1st International Workshop on Pregnant Uterine Smooth Muscle EMG Activity. It took place in Ljubljana on 11th and 12th July 2006

Publications of Ljubljana smooth muscle EMG group



Lifeline community social and primary health care programme


The concept of Lifeline programme is to manage care provided to elderly and disabled. This gives them an opportunity to live in their home environment as long as possible instead of being institutionalised. The programme cosissts of hardware, software and orgware solutions optimized for an efficient and co-ordinated care. The system operates through the public telephone network and enables elderly and disabled to call for help anytime simple pressing a small body worn button even if he/she cannot reach a telephone. A telephone alarm unit alarms a community control service staffed for 24-hours a day. With the aid of computerised information, control centre staff can identify the callers. In the event of an emergency he/she can receive immediate reassurance and help is organised.Having adequate computerised information on needs for help and services offering it, control centres can assist in designing comprehensive care arrangements for community residents covering their primary social and health care needs.