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MKS is a partner in the IRIS Smart Home project .

IRIS smart home is a demonstration apartment and clinical research facility (ambient assisted living lab) located at the Rehabilitation Institute of Republic of Slovenia, Ljubljana, measuring 90 m2. The apartment is fitted with equipment and technical aids, from simple to most advanced, assisting elderly and persons with various disabilities.

Aims of IRIS Smart home:

  • enable higher independence and safety to the elderly and persons with disabilities in their home environment.
  • lower the costs of home care (health care, home nursing, home assistance etc.).
  • lower the needs for placements in nursing homes or other social institutions.
  • prepare modular solutions, from the simplest to the most technically advanced, that can be transferred into the living space of their user (home environment, social institutions, nursing homes etc.)
  • demonstrate new technologies aimed at the elderly and persons with disabilities.
  • improve e-accessability and e-inclusion.
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