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MKS is a SME specialized in telecare solutions for frail and disabled people living at home who need additional support for their independent living. Its activities include aspects such as establishing telecare networks to provide telecare services, system integration and implementation of new technological solutions, R&D with a special emphasis on elderly people. MKS has been (the largest) telecare technology and equipment provider Slovenia since 1991 (Tunstall products). It’s research has been done in close collaboration with the University of Ljubljana (Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Electrical Engineering) (1994-). MKS coordinated two studies on a community telecare network for elderly in Slovenia (1994, 1996). As a partner we were involved in two national studies concerning eInclusion problems in Slovenia (2005). 

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MKS has been strongly involved in design and setting up of a smart home unit at the National Rehabilitation Institute (IRSR), Ljubljana (2006-). MKS has been active also in establishing the first home telemedicine network in Slovenia (2006-). MKS has also an expertise in information security management according to ISO/IEC 27001 standard. We focus on healthcare organisations where information security is of extra importance due to the nature of info being collected, archived and transmitted (2003-).

Dr. Rudel runs several activities to promote telecare in Slovenia. He gives courses to graduate students at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Medicine on “Home telemedicine and telecare”.

Although SME by nature, MKS contributes to strategic policies addressing people with disabilities in Slovenia (e.g. “eHealth 2010 in Slovenia” agenda, Elderly in Slovenia by 2010 strategy).