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EMpowering PAtients for a BeTTer Information and improvement of the Communication Systems

This project will research and define how health and care professionals and patients will use ICT technologies to plan interventions with patients and to monitor the progression of their physical and mental state. It will investigate and document the requirements for Decision Support Tools that can be created, deployed and embedded into the daily routines of patients and Health and Care Professionals to deliver quality standardised care across a large population of chronic and elderly patients. This will include the technology requirements and use cases for sharing Care Plans between professionals and patients as well as the scope and depth of integration between new productivity and care coordination toolsets and current EMR recording software. EMPATITCS will undertake further research and collate current global examples of self-management services that have been clinically proven to positively impact the health of a population. It will study the socio-economic and age dependency factors that affect awareness, uptake and adherence to self-management services. This will define and design a best in class self-management service that provide the educational and informational services that a large population of elderly and chronic patients require to self-manage. The emphasis will be of the use of appropriate technology to scale the service and to connect with population groups that are difficult to reach due to geographic or demographic factors.